Why I became vegetarian

I’m(Then Mardy) vegetarian since 1992.I listen to my heart and my reason.I do this not to avoid sin since I’m already a sinner. I prefer to live unhappily in the truth to living happily in the illusion.I like better to eat to live than to live to eat.I could no longer listen to the hypocrites who told us not to  kill animals to avoid sins,but they, themselves, eat meat.Killing animals and eating their meat are similar act:without meat-eaters,the animals would not be killed.
I did not know at all how I had an idea to become vegetarian several months after arriving in Canada to settle as permanent resident in 1989.I tried not to eat anymore meat in 1989,but I failed …I did not like to let anybody know about my decision to become vegetarian…And then time passed until 1992,while watching TV, there was a movie about a French woman who is a vegetarian…the movie’s title is « Le rayon vert» Which means in English:
The green ray.Since then my decision becomes clear.I would like from that time on…to be vegetarian though I had to get through some inconveniences,
some hunger of delicious food(meat).
Because of the fact that I have been living as vegetarian,some memories of the past often remind me of what I saw with my eyes how people killed animals to get their meat to eat.One of the most terrible things I ever saw (in 1978 when I was a small boy) was a pregnant buffalo that was brought behind a collective dinner house,then a man tied the animal between two trees and cut off her throat.There was a large basin just below her neck to get her flowing blood.After the buffalo was fallen and died,several men came to open her belly…and took out her baby still in placenta.They buried her baby near-by.I never forgot this horrible scene since then.
Now I found that meat is not a necessary food for human beings.I could live without meat.I learn that I became a non-eater of meat..because of the echo of pain in my heart.And some other reasons joined my heart.
5 years ago,I bought a book entitled in French :Être ou ne pas être végétarien de Linda Lavoie.That book helps me a lot to continue keeping up my decision to be vegetarian.
I brought here an idea of Pythagora about why we should no longer kill animals and eat their meat(in French,read the translation below,ok?):Tant que l’homme continuera à être le destructeur impitoyable des êtres animés des plans inférieurs,il ne connaîtra ni la santé ni la paix.Tant que les hommes massacreront les bêtes,ils s’entretueront.Celui qui sème le meurtre et la douleur ne peut,en effet,récolter la joie et l`amour. Pythagore,570 à 480 av.j.-c
As long as men continue to be the ruthless destroyers of inferior living beings,there will be neither health nor peace.As long as men
massacre animals,they will kill each other. Whoever sows murder and pain,consequently cannot reap joy and love.
Pythagoras 570-480 BC 

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