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ធ្វើជាអ្នកដឹកនំាប្រទេស ត្រូវកុំធ្វើអោយរាស្រ្តខ្លាចឬស្អប់់។


ឪឡឹកគូប មិនមានទេក្នុងធម្មជាតិ។ជប៉ុនផលិតឪឡឹកគូបនេះដោយ
ចំណែកផ្លែឪឡឹកមូលធម្មតា លក់់នៅប្រទេសកាណាដាថ្លៃពី៣ទៅ១០


Today,human relationship are…

Telephone was particularly created to let us talk with someone without going to meet him/her.Internet was particularly created to let us communicate with someone without going to meet him/her.Unlike the telephone,the internet give us more fun because we can see each other,we can write to each other,we can talk to each other in the real time and we can play games and furthermore it gives you access to almost everything you need. Most people see the internet as the means of approaching each other.That’s why they created the social network to gather people together in a community such as the facebook,wordpress,hi5, khmercity,youtube,twitter,webshot… Yes the internet bring all people closer from any where into a virtual world.We enjoy it.We make a lot of friends.Some bloggers have thounsands of friends that they never meet. Friends are called friends even we when never meet them. These are virtual friends we got from our PC in front of which we spend hours everyday. TV and computer become just as magical machines that take us into a virtual world by escaping this boring and tiring world. Today,the world of images comes to take us to get along with our tiring of life.TV becomes the most powerful thing of images to attract us.The computer is the second. People relate most intimately with these electronic screens and don’t like to read.They are happy when firemen burn books. Everyday we have our ration of images.We become like alcolic or drug addict.The electronic technologies have changed our life.We barely notice them.Before the written word,we relied on our memories.Before telephones,we know the pleasure of writting and receiving letters,the small joy of finding a handwritten envelope in the mailbox from a friend or a relative. Before television and computers,we had a stronger sense of community,a greater attachment to neighborhood and families (Today,only 25% of American population know their neighbors). Today,television has glued us to our homes,isolating us from other human beings.