Nature `s firm will to exist at any price!

It`s a very nice day,today.I`m glad to see the beautiful sky and
Nature around me. I really feel like being with the Nature .
I observe some birds flying here and there .I threw some
pieces of bread to feed the hungry birds.I observe the green grass
and trees and take a deep breath under the sunny sky .
I love Nature but when I `m considering how the Nature
is processing to exist herself,Nature has no mercy at all…
because Nature exists as if she is the Law herself,nobody
could be against her. She lets everything exist by destroying
each other.And she uses time to destroy anything that animals
could not eat nor eliminate.Example:Eagle eats snake ,snake
eats frog ,frog eats insects,insects eat grass or plants,
plants eat or absorb nutrients coming from the dead animals
or plants,and water and sun`s rays.Nature exists without
mercy but with a firm will to exist ;NO MERCY:NO THANK.
It`s sad to come and exist here and see all daily sufferings of
all beings(animals and plants).If I had to choose between existing
and non-existing,I will hesitate and why should I come to exist
where I don`t wanted to? Should I choose to be non-existing to
avoid all sufferings that were already reserved to me after coming
into existence? Each being has to exist absolutely in complicity
with Nature who had to choose to exist rather than being non-existing?
But why is there something rather than nothing ?
Or Nature ,as most scientists believed, had a beginning and then has
to come to an end? Or Nature is always existing without a beginning and
an end? But where did everything come from?
If Nature is existing all the time,and coming from nowhere,we cannot
ask where did everything come from,because Nature comes from nothing
and goes to nowhere.However,Nature had shown off her strong will to exist
at any price: let`s all animals and plants eat each other to survive.
let`s all matters exist so that this universe exist,even if
animals and plants do not exist ,or disappear.



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