what did Gandhi believed?

Gandhi : I believe in…. the reincarnations…I believe in the successive lives
as the same as what i believed in the existence of my present body.I am sure
that the inferior animals have soul as I did. Man whose body was destroyed will build himself a new body conforming to his own aspirations.
I also believe that Gods incarnated on Earth.I believe in the Vedas and Upanishads,all the holy writings of The Hinduism`s doctrines.

If a lot of things were impossible to the humans,nothing is impossible to God.Everything is possible ,not because of our efforts, but because of
the good deed of God.

The unique interest of Economy is not the economic development itself,but the development of the Human beings.The economists who neglected the
moral and sentimental conditions produced only just the stuffs that seem
to be in life , but in reality,have no life! The money is a poison.

I feel ashamed each time when I was sick..because I believe that men should not
get sick.Our body gets damage each time we eat too much..And this damage could be ,in part ,repaired by practicing a fast.

For Gandhi,to possess more than what one really need,is an attempt to possess more and more.This attempt is a lack of trust in God who knows
our real needs that He could satisfy.It`s a stealing!
From his prison,Gandhi wrote to his disciples that the alcohol is an invention of the Devil that worsens the heart and paralyse the brain of
the human bodies that are the temples for Gods.It`s a stealing of something belonging to someone even with his permission,when we don`t really need it.We should not want any thing that we don`t really need.This
kind of stealing is often of a food that one eats.If I eat a fruit that I don`t really need ,I commit a stealing.Most of people multiply their needs
without justification ,this makes them become unconsciously a thief.


4 responses to “what did Gandhi believed?

  1. Hello! borther Sombatt, i see that Gandhi was the famous filosopher
    and he will be the philosopher forever in people’s heart. Everything
    he siad consisted of the profoundly meaning.

    Gandhi said those who accumulate the treasuries for only their own
    are the thief because everyone has the right to use those treasuries
    on the earth created by God and he also said if people just eat only
    to be full everyone will have thing to eat equally no one starvation.

    And Brother! after i read this sentence”Gandhi wrote to his disciples
    that the alcohol is an invention of the Devil that worsens the heart
    and paralyse the brain of the human bodies that are the temples
    for Gods; i wonder that what is the God in the meaning of Gandhi
    according to his words that the human body is the temple of God.
    Anyway i also doubt of this sentence”Everything is possible ,not
    because of our efforts, but because of the good deed of God.” as well.

    I hope brother give me some ideas of those i mention above.

    Wish brother has a good health and good wisdom and i’m sorry for
    my poor english too.

  2. Hello chamnan!
    I read a book about Gandhi longtime ago and then I found
    a page interesting so I i wrote it down in my notebook .It`s
    in French and I translated into English here.
    My English is poor .But I think yours is good.
    I just like to read and seeking what is interesting me in the book
    i read.
    About the views of the philosophers,we ,the readers,could
    understand and disagree with their views as the same as they
    disagree with each other about anything .For example,Plato
    and his pupil Aristotle disagree about where the knowledge
    is from? Plato thought that the knowledge is from the realm of forms
    which is in heaven(he pointed his finger up) whereas Aristotle
    thought that the knowledge is from here (on earth):he put his hand down
    meaning it`s here.you can see the picture below:
    Thank you brother!
    see u
    Good luck and good health to you!

  3. Ok, i see that brother Sombatt. You’re lucky can read French but i can’t.
    I also want to know French because most of philophies’ book wrote in
    French. Anyway the names of philosophers wrote in French are very
    difficult to read and this why i want to know French, however; i don’t
    have time to do it.

    Thanks brother for replying…..hope you have a prosperous life and
    good wisdom…

  4. True ,brother.I am lucky that i could read French and
    most book of philosophy are in French and are about philosophy from the Greece.Before,i read a lot of books about the Greek philosophy because
    that i just wonder about this world and admire its beauty and mysteries.
    That`s made me wanting to know more anf more about this Universe
    and the Truth about this Universe.And then I had no choice
    than to attach myself to some great philosophers and believe in most of
    what they thought or believed .
    I think if you want to learn French,it`s not hard to learn and within one year ,you can speak and read French without much difficulty.
    I am not good at both languages.but i like reading and I could understand
    from the book without much difficulty. Now I don`t read much.
    But i want to have more free time to read.But it`s hard .Life seem has not much freed times.


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